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Booked the lead role in The Handler!
This independent pilot will be shooting late this winter. I will be playing a con artist with a checkered past.

Just Wrapped shooting the comedy feature "Buddy Parker" as an insecure woman receiving some unconventional couples therapy.


Attitudes In Motion won best picture
at the FTMA film awards. I played a jealous dance coach as the lead of this short film and was proud to accompany the director and choreographer to the screening. Bravo to all!

I'd Kill For You aired
on Discovery ID Network on Saturday  - the premier of season two!

Murder on Snapchat went viral!
This short film quickly made it's rounds online and even got noticed by the Huffington Post: "the most suspenseful snapchatting we've ever seen"!

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Pins and Needles of the Heart


Took place at the historic Duo Theater on 4th Street. I Played the tempestuous and fiercely intelligent  lover
"I think that lighting will strike and I will change into the person I used to be


"Roman skillfully bounces from vindictive to defensively vulnerable ... comedic timing serves them well, as their interactions are, of course, the sole material of the play."
-Emily Houlihan

"Christina hold[s] interest without gimmicks or the visual aide of complex sets – a true accomplishment from a young actor."
-Theater Online

Booked: Howling Babble!
This play in development follows Will, a naive young film student, as he decides to make a mysterious documentary about his free-spirited best friend Elise, her dreams of dancing, and her gruff fiancee Richard. Tensions build as Elise finds herself caught between two very different men.

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Just a little something fun...
An animated demo reel!
Go ahead... give it a watch below:

Dance Tonight goes live!
So much fun being a part of the official video for MOA's amazing upbeat new single in honor of Chiwoniso - and had a chance to work with my friends at Defwood once again!

Upcoming shoots: with Nigel Morris and Brian Offidani scheduled!

a print of work I did with photographer Luis Enrique and MUA Ann Breitbach

Just Recorded!
Finished the VO narration for an incredible new art film by
Ian Burnley


A Sobbing of the Strong
I was one of the on-camera hosts and historical guides for this documentary about Lincoln's assassination. I enjoyed this crash course on John Wilkes Booth!