Boiling Point Shorts

Sometimes even the most obvious flirting just wont land for desperate singles out to mingle

She may have the spunk, but she is far from the sharpest hipster on the block

Amanda is angling for a new promotion and will do whatever it takes to get on the good side of her new boss

A fast-talking rendezvous is spoiled by a piece of something that just won't quit

Romantic Comedies

Abby is a free spirit who never expected to be falling in love with an impossibly neurotic client over the course of one day

A dinner spoiled

A young couple is in deep trouble when a sex tape goes missing during a family gathering - so they turn the whole house into a film noir style investigation of epic proportions


Old friends stumble through their growing chemistry and miscommunication in this charmingly awkward romcom

Dog years

A high strung and distant lawyer meets her unexpected match in a fratty, spoiled, and uncouth blind date

Murder on snapchat


Kristen is engaging in some playful snap chatting with her boyfriend in this film that takes place entirely over social media. This clip may be funny, but the whole film is a dark reminder that quickly went viral.

"It's creepy and dark, and feels like it could totally happen."
The Recommender: Fast Company
"eye opening"
Elite Daily

"blowing up online - is so real life you could see it happening"
Right This Minute - The Viral Video Show