Attitudes in Motion

Lauren is feeling increasingly distant from her past as a top-tier dancer and harbors growing resentment for the young students she coaches. Her desperation brings her ever closer to going one step over the line while she burns bridges all around her: boyfriends doing their best and unexpecting coffee baristas included...

Point Source

Strong headed Lt. McCarthy is forced into the roll of a hero to save the Space Station North Dakota when the cocky scientist onboard makes a grave miscalculation

Hobo Heyseus

Debbie is struggling. She's recently evicted, alone, with two young rambunctious kids and the possibility of another on the way. She leans on the aid of a rambling man and his crazy ideas to find something close to the home she was missing all along in this independent feature


Night Ride

Melissa doubts her boyfriend and starts off a chain of events in this dark drama

Waiting for Sunrise

A waitress in an isolated summer town in the depths of winter gives another disillusioned youth a small insight into what matters in an unexpected connection


Mia is a firecracker who can no longer accept the strict dogma of her community and plots to escape into the unknown, despite her loving tie with her sister she fears will be left behind

on the house

One is an eccentric, one works on Wall Street, and there is no way for Erica to navigate the meeting of past and present lovers at a downtown loft

When it comes to flirting, everyone is a potential target for a lonely-hearted bohemian


Extraordinary Organ

Diana's life and marriage is reeling from recent heartbreaking tragedy, but while she does her best to heal another force is moving closer in this supernatural horror

The Greatest Generation

Lisa will do anything to preserve the utopia of perfect families and perfect children, even if it means turning against a friend - after all she is the antagonist of this scifi drama

out of body

A drug addled mother is the source of her young son's ongoing troubles in this hyper-intense flashback

Owner of the Moon

Anna is the dream girl of a young man in desperate need of a friend and some encouragement, which only she can provide

Opportunity Knocks

Anne is intelligent, troubled, and sure as hell not getting along with her well-meaning older sister