Repentance nears completion!
Loved working on this dramatic short opposite Berto Colon from Orange is the New Black. I played his ex-wife, estranged after his years in prison. 

Just wrapped The Handler!
I played a con artist with a checkered past in this dramatic independent pilot. 


Attitudes In Motion won best picture
at the FTMA film awards. I played a jealous dance coach as the lead of this short film and was proud to accompany the director and choreographer to the screening. Bravo to all!

UPDATE: We also were just accepted at the Golden Door International Film Festival!


The Greatest Generation
screened at Cannes short film corner!

I played the vigilant antagonist in this ideal society set in an dystopian future

Murder on Snapchat went viral!
This short film quickly made it's rounds online and even got noticed by the Huffington Post: "the most suspenseful snapchatting we've ever seen"!

"blowing up online ... is so real life you could see it happening"
-Right This Minute viral video show