Amish Haunting

Eva Lapp is overjoyed by the homecoming of her daughter after she suffers deeply as her close knit Amish family is torn apart. (and I speak Dutch!)
Originally aired on Destination America

Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal

Stacey is caught up in a whirlwind romance with her best friend's husband that quickly progresses to something much more intimate that friendship.
Originally aired on the Oprah Winfrey Network

"She has infectious energy on set, and... I found as a whole that it was a true privilege to work with a smart, polished performer such as Christina, as we were really able to engage about her character and I knew that with even the smallest adjustment, I could get exactly what I was seeking from her. " Caitlin Maye Burke, director

I'd Kill for you

Wendy's whirlwind romance dissolves amidst rumors  of alcoholism, infidelity, and instability from her fractured family. Did she drive her son to kill?
Aired on Discovery ID Channel

Stalked: Someone's Watching

Jessica receives a troubling email: her sister's stalker has tracked her down and threatens to show up at her workplace.
Originally aired on discovery ID