Point Source

An epic story set at the end of humanity: a desperate pilot and overbearing scientist fight all odds while marooned in space

Waiting For Sunrise

A short nihilist rom-dramedy about Peyton, an underwhelmed, overdrugged eighteen-year-old trudging through the dreary desolation of winter in a New England summer paradise. Music by the Harlem Shakes

Hobo Heyseus

An unofficial trailer. The story of one man who unexpectedly changed the town he was just passing through, including a young single mother facing a new life of transience and and an old man looking for a family.

A Sobbing of the Strong

Teaser for the upcoming documentary about Booth's assassination of Lincoln. Directed by David George.  Visit: http://www.asobbingfilm.com/

The Class Reunion

When the night turns deadly, there are only be two people who could be responsible. The last day of High school for two students didn't just symbolize the end of four treacherous years of social superiority and dominance, but was the beginning of a pact between the two, to get even with their bullies at "The Class Reunion". With revenge being the core of the story, "The Class Reunion" Directed By Tyrik "Keyz" Washington, features an amazing ensemble cast including Dory Manzour, Dan Dobransky, Sandy Addona, John Hartzell, Tara Wholley, Sean Morales, Christina Roman and Sandra Palmeri. www.theclassreunion.com